Tuesday, December 25, 2012

3D Dungeon Tiles kickstarter !!!

A guy on Kickstarter is going to build custom-painted 3D dungeon tiles! You can say how many you want, and whether you want unpainted ones to paint up yourself, or whether you will pay to have him pro-paint them up for you in a scheme of your choice!

I thought it was so awesome, I want to help spread the word, as he's only doing them for people that make pledges for the kickstarter, I think.

If I join in the pledging, I'm going to ask for one painted up in a sort of moldy old stone like something out of an ancient ruined temple in a Tomb Raider game (or something like that) so it could be used as ancient ruins for Star Wars jedi / sith skirmishes, or perhaps an abandoned ancient dwarven city full of goblins and lost dwarven treasures for some Lord of the Rings skirmishes, or who knows what else!

It's also designed to work for a 3D board, for the miniatures dungeon crawl game Super Dungeon Explore which is a japanese anime / console arcade game inspired board game - makes me think of Legend of Zelda or Pokemon or something :)

He's got photos of a prototype board, painted up in a fiery dungeon theme, and I think his stuff looks pretty awesome :)

Here's a link to his kickstarter page:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 4

Okay, so yesterday I assembled and painted a custom roof for one of the levels of the District 5 Apartment Block building. After painting it up, it looked really, really white and bright compared with my terrain boards and the walls of the building. (I don't know if it showed in the photos yesterday, but it was heaps brighter than everything else, and quite jarring to look at. I think this was because the paint absorbs/fades into the wood the building is made out of, as opposed to the currogated board the roof was made of)

I was trying to work out how I could shade the whole thing just a tone darker, and what I did was this: Take an empty paint pot and put a small bit of Nuln Oil (Black GW Wash) in it, then add water, with about a ratio of 1:6 or 1:10 or something like that. I just used an eyedropped to grab a little but of nuln oil, then filled the pot about a quarter or a third with water.

Then I washed the whole surface with this very watery mix, with a large wide brush (I just used the Citadel Large Drybrush for stuff like this). It gave it a nice stained/weathered water stain look, just a few shades darker than how it was yesterday, but enough to make it blend in better now with the rest of the building. Because it was mostly water, it didn't leave brush strokes behind, which was good.


3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 3

Okay, so the MicroArts District 5 Apartment Block has four floor pieces - one floor for each level section, and one for a roof on the top. Because I want to be able to use it as three single story buildings, I've traced one of the floor sections to make my own roof section!

To add detail to it, I glued together cast-off pieces (such as the window shutters that I popped out of the wall because I wanted some opened windows) to stick on top of the new roof.

I cut the roof out of currogated board (sort of like foam board, but without the foam in the middle).

The paint came out a bit brighter than I thought it would, possibly because the paint doesn't absorb into the board the way it absorb's into the wooden walls of the building, so I'm currently thinking about how I might tone it down just a fraction. Otherwise, I'm happy with how the roof turned out. I've still got to finish painting the walls around the outside of the building - I've been distracted with computer games this week.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 2

Just a quick update on progress with the first floor of the apartment building. (The photos came out a bit washed out, probably not the greatest lighting when I took the pics.)

This shows how the free-standing wall set can combine with apartment building to seperate interior into rooms.

Red floor tiles (still working on them). I'm thinking of outlining the hex floor tiles with white along one edge and shadow along the other edge, to give a 3d'ness to them, and make each floor tile stand out more, to add detail to the floor.

Pale blue interior walls

Exterior walls are mottled white with some pale blue areas and support beams are also pale blue. I've painted white lines along the top of each panel and some black wash lines along the bottom of each panel, to give the panels some more 3d'ness, and with the side of the drybrush, I ran white around the edges of every shape to highlight all edges.

 Windows and doorways really stand out great once you put a roof on top! Haven't painted the roof yet. I'm trying to decide do I paint it as red tiles like the floor inside (because the roof is actually the floor of the second floor if using it as a two story building) or do I paint it mottled white or mottled blue, to go with the walls. Not sure yet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3d sci fi Apartment Building part 1

Okay, after practicing working out painting the stand-alone walls and the crates, I'm ready to start on the District 5 Apartment Building by MicroArts Studio. I want to make it as three stand-alone, single story structures, to begin with, to help fill out the gaming table. I might get another one or two packets at a later date, so I can then have multi-story buildings in play.

Anyway, the assembly: I was really surprised at how the pieces just popped out of the A4 wooden laser-cut sheets. And they just clipped together with ease! The only parts requiring any real pressure were the corner posts near the final step, and the middle beams on the long walls, and even then, they still just popped into place with ease!

Here's a long-wall piece. Windows and door just pop out to make openings. Long strips across top and bottom simply snap onto the wall

Here's corner pieces with slots, to connect walls together
 Here's a wall before the strips along top and bottom are attached
 Top one slots into place, adding depth
 bottom one slots into place. Gives good 3d effect to the wall
 support beam half-way along the long walls
 short side walls just slot into place!
 Slots allow floor to just slot into place!
 Attach final wall. Then corner beams where walls meet, then top and bottom 3D strips slot onto side walls
 finished floor! Great size with the minis!
 second story floor can sit on top to make a roof for single-story building
I really love this model! Now I've got to paint it up!

sci fi crates

undercoat black. Paint frame in white.
colour the panels
wash with black wash (nuln oil) Note - citadel washes aren't exactly washes really, they aren't watered down paint, but are a formula sort of like using Liquid Future and Inks, so for people who aren't into using 'washes', I really recommend trying out the Citadel (Games Workshop) Washes range. Particularly like how the black goes on things.
Once wash has dried, carefully paint all edges white again (highlight). Put small bit of paint on brush, wipe brush on rim of paint pot to get off excess paint, run side of brush (not tip) along edges, holding object at 45 degree angle to get thin line of paint just on the edges of each shape.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

quick pic sci fi walls

Just a quick pic. Did a little bit more today. It's a little fiddly constantly touching it up so that no errant brush strokes leave marks of the wrong colour in the cracks or on the edging. After painting the final coats on the panels, I've been painting the edging of the pieces in black paint, which helps them stand out a bit when looking down on the board, and also helps make the panels look crisp. I'm not really used to painting up things in colours, that are bigger than a miniature, so at the moment it's slow going.

Anyway, not much progress, but it's taking me a while to do both sides and the edging on each piece. Starting to picture now what it'll look like when the set is done.

I realized today that the white paint I'm using is a 'layering' paint, rather than a 'base coat' paint, which must be why it doesn't cover the wood surface very well and requires multiple coats. I'm just giving it thin, quick coats anyhow, but the final touch-up gives a nice solid cover on the wood.

I'm not gluing anything together either - the pieces are designed to be able to push together at each end, allowing the walls to be laid out in different ways as you collect more of them. I did find that the surface of some tabs peels off after repeated slotting together, so I just use my thumbnail or a craft knife to scrape at those surfaces, and remove the loose layer. After doing this a few times on those tabs, they now slot together perfectly without any problems.

I should mention a warning to anyone buying laser carved wooden scenery sets - when I got the package, it all stunk horribly like ashes or burnt wood. I suppose cooped up in the parcel for over a week on its way here didn't help.

It also didn't help that my craft room, and miniature storage room, is also my bedroom - the smell last night was horrible, and I had to leave some windows open over night.

Today though, I left all the unpainted pieces out on the deck for the whole day, turning over once so both sides got some air, and tonight the smell is almost unnoticeable. So, a bit more airing tomorrow and the burning smell should be gone completely. If I had a dry storage shed I'd probably air them out there overnight, but I'm not leaving them outside, as I'm trying to make sure they aren't anywhere humid, as I suspect too much humidity might warp the wood sheets, the way that humidity warps cardboard. (Though it is 3mm thick pulp panels, so it might not be an issue).

Monday, September 10, 2012

3d futuristic scenery for 3d city board

I bought samples of different scenery stuff to paint up for 'anime / 70's-80's vision of bright future' themed buildings, crates, walls and stuff.

The scenery is designed for a minis game called Infinity, which I don't play, but I love all their stuff so I thought I'd try some out and paint it up! The products are from Micro Arts Studio.

Okay, so this pic has wall and door pieces from a modular free-standing walls set, which can also be used to make interior walls in their Apartment building. You can see the detail etched into it with a precision laser!
 some resin sci-fi crates!
 doors can open or close!
 large concrete wall sections (only grabbed a couple to see what they were like)
As you can see, I'm still working on painting my terrain tiles
 The concrete wall sections have an indentation on one side with three bumps, and on the other side it juts out with three holes, so that when end-to-end, the walls help stand each other up.
 This is how the wood pieces come. It's sort of like a chipboard, wood pulp sheet, 3mm thick, and it's all cut precision laser, with laser engraved panel details.
 The pieces just pop straight out!
 This is how the apartment building looks when assembled, though I'll be using my own paint scheme
 This is how the free-standing interior or exterior walls look, and I'll be using my own colour scheme to try and make the panel work a lot more visual
 The doors will be red. I'm carefully painting the pieces with a fine detail brush, being sure not to get any paint in the etched panel lines. I'm hoping the finished walls/doors/apartment will be very clean-cut looking
 white door handle
 light blue (blue-grey) door frame (has more blue in it than any of my photos seem to show)
 here's the painted door sitting in a doorframe gap in an unpainted wall
 The walls have yellow for the door's touch-pad lock panel, with blue grey central panels
 The frame and other panels are in white. The wood soaks in the paint, and I found that the first coat was rather smeary / splotchy

 I then went over the panels again. One coat red, two coats blue, three coats white, to get a solid and even finish on the wood surface.
 I'm going for a sort of cartoony anime feel with the scenery, or retro sci-fi visions of what the future was supposed to look like.
 The walls and doors are a nice size, and it should look good with all the walls/doors/apartment painted up in matching colours
 Here's an example of the free-standing 'interior' wall set, easily makes a re-arrangeable building.

After I've finished painting up the free-standing walls and doors, I'll move on to the Apartment building kit, which is a three-story building, with each level removable, similarly made of laser cut wood pulp sheets. You could for example have one level as a single-story structure, and the other two stacked for a two-story structure, or have a single three story tower, or whatever. Should be a good kit.

The free-standing walls can also be used to make interior divisions within the apartment building, or just used stand-alone on the board :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Worldworks and 3D City Terrain Board part 4

First up, I thought this was funny: I ordered some miniatures scenery from a shop in Spain over the internet. I live in Australia. The parcel tracking has so far gone from Spain, left to Portugal, up-right to Germany, and down to Dubai! It's even travelling via the American UPS, and it's not even an American parcel :)

Okay, so while working on my terrain boards, I decided that world works buildings - which have such fantastic illustrated textures drawn on them - work pretty well with the boards, even if there is no physical 3D depth or extrusions on the paper models. At some stage I'll be getting model buildings to paint up, but the world works stuff is pretty great for fast and cheap 'insta scenery'. Here's some pics:

Here's how I'm doing craters
Start by doing boards as normal: undercoat dark grey, light brush medium grey, light brush light grey
 Then wash craters with brown wash (agrax earthshade) (devlan mud in the older series of washes)
 Then drybrush crosshatch the board with white as usual. Drybrush the rubble around the crater, and a little around the inside of the crater - but not in the very middle, and don't get white in the inside-rim - you want those two spots dark so the depth stands out.
 Here's the four tiles I've finished now!
 Here's some 40k stuff to help show its scale for those familiar with Imperial Guard figures and sentinels. This is just four of the tiles - there's 20 in the set!