Friday, January 27, 2012

Boulders from packaging cardboard

Had an idea while cleaning up the house. I was throwing out some old boxes, and found some egg-box type of cardboard packaging material inside one of the boxes (it was from a laser printer toner cartridge box).

Looking at the outer side of the packaging I cut off the four main bulges

I painted them codex grey, then washed them with devlan mud

I poured static grass into a plastic container

Then I spread glue around the bottom of the 'boulders' and a little up the sides in places. Putting it on the bottom edges of scenery helps to blend the scenery objects into the terrain board they are sat on.

Then I drybrushed with codex grey

Daleks in the countryside :)

Watchers of Karna on the road, near some boulders


  1. Hi there, I've been using the same material you used for your boulders to make model buildings. Can you think of any way of making this material more sturdy? Im aware that if left out in the garage or shed (where we play warhammer) they may become soggy and damp over time. Ive been experimenting with painting over the surfaces with various glues and have had some decent results but would love to hear your thoughts on this.



    1. Hi! I haven't made anything else out of that type of cardboard. I know that when I've done papercraft things (I print, cut, fold, 3D paper models) humidity was a real killer at my place, so all my papercraft stuff stays inside my main room now, which has a dehumidifier on when its humid, and none of it warps anymore. The idea of sealing it sounds good. Maybe instead of glue, there might be a weatherproof sealer undercoat paint, or something, at a hardware store, that might help?

    2. Oh great advice thanks. I have had some success with some glues but I'm looking for a real solidifying chemical of some kind, i think you may be onto something with the whole weatherproofing or varnishing idea. I considered car paint laquer also but the hard part is not soaking the material so that it goes soggy!

      Cheers for your help!