Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finished roads, some trees, and a hill

To finish the road, I washed it devlan mud (not the grass!)

and then a final drybrush in the roughest areas with codex grey

I've got some Battlefield in a Box: Small Pine Wood trees, so I've started converting them as well. To begin with, I painted the ground bestial brown, then drybrushed with codex grey. (those are unfinished roads in the background, not finished ones)

Then I washed it in devlan mud

Then I drybrushed again with codex grey, and flocked areas of it's base.

For the hill: I have a couple of Battlefield in a Box hills of different sizes. (plan on getting more, I like them!). I decided to convert one into a hill for my muddy/grassy board.

I painted some areas in bestial brown, where I want grass to go, then flocked it. I drybrushed the stone areas in codex grey.

Then I washed it in devlan mud (the stone) and added shrubbery to the grass.

Then I did a final codex grey drybrush

And here they are all together with some 40k figures :) Keep in mind, they will look better once there is an actual flocked board underneath them instead of the painted battle mat. The table I want to do will be the same grass as is on the scenery pieces, and patches of dirt in the same bestial brown / devlan mud / codex grey drybrush as I did on the roads, so the table should all blend together once it's done.

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