Thursday, January 26, 2012

Making Road Tiles part 1

I'm trying to make all my scenery pieces useable by any of the games I play, so I went with a dirt road, rather than concrete or asphalt. I'm getting things together to make a fully flocked table - a dirty, grassy, flat board, that I can sit all sorts of objects on top of to make different scenery each game.

My new board and all scenery will be based on these colours: Bestial Brown with a Devlan Mud wash,  Codex Grey, and Gale Force Nine's Green grass flock, and grit for texture.

(Until I make my new board, a painted games workshop battle mat will be sitting under everything in my photos.)

Step One: glue a scattering of grit onto rectangles of thick card.

Step Two: paint it Bestial Brown

Step Three: Loosely drybrush in Codex Grey

Step Four: Glue on static grass

Step Five: test with a couple figures

Step Six: glue foliage flocking to make bushes/shrubs

Step Seven: Muddy it up with Devlan Mud Wash
(no pics yet - waiting for a new bottle to arrive in the mail)

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