Sunday, January 29, 2012

Muddy Grass Table Part One

I got my foamboard sheets today! I got black ones, so I wouldn't have to paint them black first.

I changed my plan just slightly, in that I decided I wanted slight contours to the landscape. So this is what I've done today:

Step One:
Four Foamboard Sheets

Step Two:
Draw contours for stepped rises in the landscape on thick cardboard

Step Three:
Start cutting the sections out and stacking them. Make sure that where foamboard sheets meet, the contours line up.

Step Four:
Contours in the corners of all four sheets

Step Five:
remove plastic protection from top side of each foamboard sheet

Step Six:
Glue underside of contours. Stick them on one at a time - and place the foamboard sheets corner to corner, so the different sections of contours line up when glued.

Step Seven:
All glued! Putting them in the corners, the contours line up along both edges of the foamboard, so they can be rearranged to make different contoured landscapes!

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