Thursday, February 2, 2012

Muddy Grass Table part five: BOARD ONE COMPLETE

On a roll today! I managed to complete my first foamboard! Only three more to do to complete the battlefield.

I followed up gluing the grit on, by making a mix that was 50% water and 50% devlan mud, and sploshed it on all over wherever grit was glued on. I then thickly drybrushed codex grey all over the grit.

To finish, I had also bought scatter foliage. I can't remember what it's called, but it's a mix of two greens, but instead of grass, its thick and spongy. You break it up into loose clumps. After placing terrain objects onto a board, you then scatter the clumps of foliage across the empty areas of ground, to create bushes and stuff. 

While playing, you can just knock a clump out of the way if it gets in the way of placing a miniature.

After playing the match, you take off all the scenery objects, then tip the board on its side so the foliage clumps roll into the middle of the table. Then you can just pick them up and stick them back in their tub.

Here's some pics of the board piece, with different stuff sitting on top of it.

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