Wednesday, June 13, 2012

3D Space Base part 2: doors and support beams

Got to working out how to do doors. I decided that I would integrate the door pieces with wall pieces, so it was easy to just slot a door section onto the map where I want it.

To make the doors openable, I cut a section out of the middle of the wall, but keeping a bit at the bottom, and keeping the tabs that fold out (that I glue the strip of metal too) for support. Then I cut the space out of the door frame, and folded it so a door frame half sits on both sides of the wall. Then I cut out the door, and did not glue it together flat - I left it so each half of the door can slide between the halves of the open door fame and the wall - ensuring the hole in the wall was just thin enough that the door can surround it along the edges, stopping the door from flopping around. Anyway, here's a bunch of pics that hopefully explain a bit better.

Also, support beams for the walls. Basically, cut clots into them, so they can sit down over the top of where two walls meet to help hold them in position. I found I had to cut some pretty big slots into the beams, because the laminated walls were a lot thicker than plain paper, and they ended up pretty much being more for decoration - and adding more 3D'ness to the map, than providing any actual support. But I like them :)

And here's the doors.

 The side white flaps on the door frame fold flat behind it and glue onto the wall. Here, I've cut a slot in the wall, and you can see the back of the door frame. The flap and the door frame form a pocket between the frame and the wall, for the door to slide into.

 Here you can see it's open at the top, after two door frames are stuck on opposite sides of the wall.
 Here's the door. I ended up gluing the tab at the top together, but left the rest of the door open so it could slide half on either side of the wall when inserting it into the door frames.

 You can just pull on the tab at the top to raise (or remove) a door
 Here's the map so far, with a couple walls and beams, a door, and some of my other scenery objects. Printing everything greyscale makes it go well with my 'industrial' plaster scenery pieces.


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  2. Hello
    That´s great scenery!
    Where do you printed it? it looks like non normal paper,,,is it plastified?