Monday, September 3, 2012

3d City Terrain Boards part 2

Okay, I got my first lot of city boards in the post today :) I've started assembling the tiles and gluing a thin scatter of fine grit onto them - with much more grit glued onto the roads, and less on the concrete areas.

Here we have a single tile. The second picture shows how it comes as an A4 sheet with the tile at the bottom, and a strip along the top. Small tabs of wood connect parts that need to be cut off.

 To cut the tabs I used a stanly knife from the hardware store. Line it up neatly with the edge, and press down over the tab. Rock gently and you can press/saw through it as you apply pressure. A couple strong presses and you can break it. Once you've broken through all of the tabs holding a piece together, seperate it, then use the knife to trim off the bits of tab remaining.
 Here I've removed one of the 'filler' pieces to reveal the opening of a crater in the concrete.
 This piece simply goes underneath the board, to become the base of the crater, and also to add stability to the board.

 Here's the underside. The triangle bits go around the edges - but glue them in a couple mm from the edge - don't put them right up against the edge. This ensures that the board is raised above road level, while also making sure that the triangles won't collide with adjacent boards. The boards will then sit next to each other without ugly gaps.
 Here's a low shot showing how the concrete panels and craters are etched into the surface of the board, and how with the pieces glued underneath the board, it lifts it up off the surface of the table to give it some height.
 The City Grounds set comes in two stacks. One stack is the road pieces. One stack is the city block pieces. Each has its own instructions, which are numbered to go with the stack of tiles - as you build one tile, the next set of instructions is for the next tile down, and so on.
 The roads are a great size for 28mm. I thought they might be too small, but two of these cars could pass each other fine on this street - it's about four miniature bases wide, maybe a little bit more.
 Here's a board with flocking glued onto it, to help add texture when it gets painted.
 Start by putting lines and dots of white glue on all the panels, then with a wide flat brush, spread the glue around the panels, trying not to get any into the gaps between the panels.
 Lightly sprinkle with a small, fine grit
 put glue into and around the edges of the craters
 cover them with bigger, rougher grit
And here's the result of day one of gluing. Five city block tiles, and one road tile.
Now I just need to wait for them to dry fully, and I can try painting them up and see how it goes. Then I'll repeat for the rest of the tiles to make the complete set!

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