Monday, September 10, 2012

3d futuristic scenery for 3d city board

I bought samples of different scenery stuff to paint up for 'anime / 70's-80's vision of bright future' themed buildings, crates, walls and stuff.

The scenery is designed for a minis game called Infinity, which I don't play, but I love all their stuff so I thought I'd try some out and paint it up! The products are from Micro Arts Studio.

Okay, so this pic has wall and door pieces from a modular free-standing walls set, which can also be used to make interior walls in their Apartment building. You can see the detail etched into it with a precision laser!
 some resin sci-fi crates!
 doors can open or close!
 large concrete wall sections (only grabbed a couple to see what they were like)
As you can see, I'm still working on painting my terrain tiles
 The concrete wall sections have an indentation on one side with three bumps, and on the other side it juts out with three holes, so that when end-to-end, the walls help stand each other up.
 This is how the wood pieces come. It's sort of like a chipboard, wood pulp sheet, 3mm thick, and it's all cut precision laser, with laser engraved panel details.
 The pieces just pop straight out!
 This is how the apartment building looks when assembled, though I'll be using my own paint scheme
 This is how the free-standing interior or exterior walls look, and I'll be using my own colour scheme to try and make the panel work a lot more visual
 The doors will be red. I'm carefully painting the pieces with a fine detail brush, being sure not to get any paint in the etched panel lines. I'm hoping the finished walls/doors/apartment will be very clean-cut looking
 white door handle
 light blue (blue-grey) door frame (has more blue in it than any of my photos seem to show)
 here's the painted door sitting in a doorframe gap in an unpainted wall
 The walls have yellow for the door's touch-pad lock panel, with blue grey central panels
 The frame and other panels are in white. The wood soaks in the paint, and I found that the first coat was rather smeary / splotchy

 I then went over the panels again. One coat red, two coats blue, three coats white, to get a solid and even finish on the wood surface.
 I'm going for a sort of cartoony anime feel with the scenery, or retro sci-fi visions of what the future was supposed to look like.
 The walls and doors are a nice size, and it should look good with all the walls/doors/apartment painted up in matching colours
 Here's an example of the free-standing 'interior' wall set, easily makes a re-arrangeable building.

After I've finished painting up the free-standing walls and doors, I'll move on to the Apartment building kit, which is a three-story building, with each level removable, similarly made of laser cut wood pulp sheets. You could for example have one level as a single-story structure, and the other two stacked for a two-story structure, or have a single three story tower, or whatever. Should be a good kit.

The free-standing walls can also be used to make interior divisions within the apartment building, or just used stand-alone on the board :)

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