Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3d sci fi Apartment Building part 1

Okay, after practicing working out painting the stand-alone walls and the crates, I'm ready to start on the District 5 Apartment Building by MicroArts Studio. I want to make it as three stand-alone, single story structures, to begin with, to help fill out the gaming table. I might get another one or two packets at a later date, so I can then have multi-story buildings in play.

Anyway, the assembly: I was really surprised at how the pieces just popped out of the A4 wooden laser-cut sheets. And they just clipped together with ease! The only parts requiring any real pressure were the corner posts near the final step, and the middle beams on the long walls, and even then, they still just popped into place with ease!

Here's a long-wall piece. Windows and door just pop out to make openings. Long strips across top and bottom simply snap onto the wall

Here's corner pieces with slots, to connect walls together
 Here's a wall before the strips along top and bottom are attached
 Top one slots into place, adding depth
 bottom one slots into place. Gives good 3d effect to the wall
 support beam half-way along the long walls
 short side walls just slot into place!
 Slots allow floor to just slot into place!
 Attach final wall. Then corner beams where walls meet, then top and bottom 3D strips slot onto side walls
 finished floor! Great size with the minis!
 second story floor can sit on top to make a roof for single-story building
I really love this model! Now I've got to paint it up!

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