Thursday, September 20, 2012

3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 2

Just a quick update on progress with the first floor of the apartment building. (The photos came out a bit washed out, probably not the greatest lighting when I took the pics.)

This shows how the free-standing wall set can combine with apartment building to seperate interior into rooms.

Red floor tiles (still working on them). I'm thinking of outlining the hex floor tiles with white along one edge and shadow along the other edge, to give a 3d'ness to them, and make each floor tile stand out more, to add detail to the floor.

Pale blue interior walls

Exterior walls are mottled white with some pale blue areas and support beams are also pale blue. I've painted white lines along the top of each panel and some black wash lines along the bottom of each panel, to give the panels some more 3d'ness, and with the side of the drybrush, I ran white around the edges of every shape to highlight all edges.

 Windows and doorways really stand out great once you put a roof on top! Haven't painted the roof yet. I'm trying to decide do I paint it as red tiles like the floor inside (because the roof is actually the floor of the second floor if using it as a two story building) or do I paint it mottled white or mottled blue, to go with the walls. Not sure yet.

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