Thursday, September 27, 2012

3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 3

Okay, so the MicroArts District 5 Apartment Block has four floor pieces - one floor for each level section, and one for a roof on the top. Because I want to be able to use it as three single story buildings, I've traced one of the floor sections to make my own roof section!

To add detail to it, I glued together cast-off pieces (such as the window shutters that I popped out of the wall because I wanted some opened windows) to stick on top of the new roof.

I cut the roof out of currogated board (sort of like foam board, but without the foam in the middle).

The paint came out a bit brighter than I thought it would, possibly because the paint doesn't absorb into the board the way it absorb's into the wooden walls of the building, so I'm currently thinking about how I might tone it down just a fraction. Otherwise, I'm happy with how the roof turned out. I've still got to finish painting the walls around the outside of the building - I've been distracted with computer games this week.

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