Thursday, September 27, 2012

3D Sci Fi Apartment Building part 4

Okay, so yesterday I assembled and painted a custom roof for one of the levels of the District 5 Apartment Block building. After painting it up, it looked really, really white and bright compared with my terrain boards and the walls of the building. (I don't know if it showed in the photos yesterday, but it was heaps brighter than everything else, and quite jarring to look at. I think this was because the paint absorbs/fades into the wood the building is made out of, as opposed to the currogated board the roof was made of)

I was trying to work out how I could shade the whole thing just a tone darker, and what I did was this: Take an empty paint pot and put a small bit of Nuln Oil (Black GW Wash) in it, then add water, with about a ratio of 1:6 or 1:10 or something like that. I just used an eyedropped to grab a little but of nuln oil, then filled the pot about a quarter or a third with water.

Then I washed the whole surface with this very watery mix, with a large wide brush (I just used the Citadel Large Drybrush for stuff like this). It gave it a nice stained/weathered water stain look, just a few shades darker than how it was yesterday, but enough to make it blend in better now with the rest of the building. Because it was mostly water, it didn't leave brush strokes behind, which was good.


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