Tuesday, September 11, 2012

quick pic sci fi walls

Just a quick pic. Did a little bit more today. It's a little fiddly constantly touching it up so that no errant brush strokes leave marks of the wrong colour in the cracks or on the edging. After painting the final coats on the panels, I've been painting the edging of the pieces in black paint, which helps them stand out a bit when looking down on the board, and also helps make the panels look crisp. I'm not really used to painting up things in colours, that are bigger than a miniature, so at the moment it's slow going.

Anyway, not much progress, but it's taking me a while to do both sides and the edging on each piece. Starting to picture now what it'll look like when the set is done.

I realized today that the white paint I'm using is a 'layering' paint, rather than a 'base coat' paint, which must be why it doesn't cover the wood surface very well and requires multiple coats. I'm just giving it thin, quick coats anyhow, but the final touch-up gives a nice solid cover on the wood.

I'm not gluing anything together either - the pieces are designed to be able to push together at each end, allowing the walls to be laid out in different ways as you collect more of them. I did find that the surface of some tabs peels off after repeated slotting together, so I just use my thumbnail or a craft knife to scrape at those surfaces, and remove the loose layer. After doing this a few times on those tabs, they now slot together perfectly without any problems.

I should mention a warning to anyone buying laser carved wooden scenery sets - when I got the package, it all stunk horribly like ashes or burnt wood. I suppose cooped up in the parcel for over a week on its way here didn't help.

It also didn't help that my craft room, and miniature storage room, is also my bedroom - the smell last night was horrible, and I had to leave some windows open over night.

Today though, I left all the unpainted pieces out on the deck for the whole day, turning over once so both sides got some air, and tonight the smell is almost unnoticeable. So, a bit more airing tomorrow and the burning smell should be gone completely. If I had a dry storage shed I'd probably air them out there overnight, but I'm not leaving them outside, as I'm trying to make sure they aren't anywhere humid, as I suspect too much humidity might warp the wood sheets, the way that humidity warps cardboard. (Though it is 3mm thick pulp panels, so it might not be an issue).

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