Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Worldworks and 3D City Terrain Board part 4

First up, I thought this was funny: I ordered some miniatures scenery from a shop in Spain over the internet. I live in Australia. The parcel tracking has so far gone from Spain, left to Portugal, up-right to Germany, and down to Dubai! It's even travelling via the American UPS, and it's not even an American parcel :)

Okay, so while working on my terrain boards, I decided that world works buildings - which have such fantastic illustrated textures drawn on them - work pretty well with the boards, even if there is no physical 3D depth or extrusions on the paper models. At some stage I'll be getting model buildings to paint up, but the world works stuff is pretty great for fast and cheap 'insta scenery'. Here's some pics:

Here's how I'm doing craters
Start by doing boards as normal: undercoat dark grey, light brush medium grey, light brush light grey
 Then wash craters with brown wash (agrax earthshade) (devlan mud in the older series of washes)
 Then drybrush crosshatch the board with white as usual. Drybrush the rubble around the crater, and a little around the inside of the crater - but not in the very middle, and don't get white in the inside-rim - you want those two spots dark so the depth stands out.
 Here's the four tiles I've finished now!
 Here's some 40k stuff to help show its scale for those familiar with Imperial Guard figures and sentinels. This is just four of the tiles - there's 20 in the set!

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