Sunday, January 29, 2012

Muddy Grass table part Two

Painted the boards bestial brown. I needed a lot of brown, and cheap, so I painted a large piece of cardboard in bestial brown, then went down to Bunnings (hardware store) and they color matched it in a tub of acrylic paint for me. I ended up giving it two coats, waiting 2 hours between, as it said on the paint tub. (first photo is only after one coat)

My battlefield in a box river set fits along the length ways of the board, falling short by a half inch at either end, but that's okay.

I only had a small bit of static grass left (more on order) so I tried out the splotchy grass pattern idea, with thin random runs of brown. The brown will have grit glued to it, and washed devlan mud, like I did with the roads.

Muddy Grass Table Part One

I got my foamboard sheets today! I got black ones, so I wouldn't have to paint them black first.

I changed my plan just slightly, in that I decided I wanted slight contours to the landscape. So this is what I've done today:

Step One:
Four Foamboard Sheets

Step Two:
Draw contours for stepped rises in the landscape on thick cardboard

Step Three:
Start cutting the sections out and stacking them. Make sure that where foamboard sheets meet, the contours line up.

Step Four:
Contours in the corners of all four sheets

Step Five:
remove plastic protection from top side of each foamboard sheet

Step Six:
Glue underside of contours. Stick them on one at a time - and place the foamboard sheets corner to corner, so the different sections of contours line up when glued.

Step Seven:
All glued! Putting them in the corners, the contours line up along both edges of the foamboard, so they can be rearranged to make different contoured landscapes!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Boulders from packaging cardboard

Had an idea while cleaning up the house. I was throwing out some old boxes, and found some egg-box type of cardboard packaging material inside one of the boxes (it was from a laser printer toner cartridge box).

Looking at the outer side of the packaging I cut off the four main bulges

I painted them codex grey, then washed them with devlan mud

I poured static grass into a plastic container

Then I spread glue around the bottom of the 'boulders' and a little up the sides in places. Putting it on the bottom edges of scenery helps to blend the scenery objects into the terrain board they are sat on.

Then I drybrushed with codex grey

Daleks in the countryside :)

Watchers of Karna on the road, near some boulders

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Finished roads, some trees, and a hill

To finish the road, I washed it devlan mud (not the grass!)

and then a final drybrush in the roughest areas with codex grey

I've got some Battlefield in a Box: Small Pine Wood trees, so I've started converting them as well. To begin with, I painted the ground bestial brown, then drybrushed with codex grey. (those are unfinished roads in the background, not finished ones)

Then I washed it in devlan mud

Then I drybrushed again with codex grey, and flocked areas of it's base.

For the hill: I have a couple of Battlefield in a Box hills of different sizes. (plan on getting more, I like them!). I decided to convert one into a hill for my muddy/grassy board.

I painted some areas in bestial brown, where I want grass to go, then flocked it. I drybrushed the stone areas in codex grey.

Then I washed it in devlan mud (the stone) and added shrubbery to the grass.

Then I did a final codex grey drybrush

And here they are all together with some 40k figures :) Keep in mind, they will look better once there is an actual flocked board underneath them instead of the painted battle mat. The table I want to do will be the same grass as is on the scenery pieces, and patches of dirt in the same bestial brown / devlan mud / codex grey drybrush as I did on the roads, so the table should all blend together once it's done.

Making Road Tiles part 1

I'm trying to make all my scenery pieces useable by any of the games I play, so I went with a dirt road, rather than concrete or asphalt. I'm getting things together to make a fully flocked table - a dirty, grassy, flat board, that I can sit all sorts of objects on top of to make different scenery each game.

My new board and all scenery will be based on these colours: Bestial Brown with a Devlan Mud wash,  Codex Grey, and Gale Force Nine's Green grass flock, and grit for texture.

(Until I make my new board, a painted games workshop battle mat will be sitting under everything in my photos.)

Step One: glue a scattering of grit onto rectangles of thick card.

Step Two: paint it Bestial Brown

Step Three: Loosely drybrush in Codex Grey

Step Four: Glue on static grass

Step Five: test with a couple figures

Step Six: glue foliage flocking to make bushes/shrubs

Step Seven: Muddy it up with Devlan Mud Wash
(no pics yet - waiting for a new bottle to arrive in the mail)

Welcome to yet another blog!

Each of my hobby blogs deals with a different game, keeping all the info on stuff I'm up to in one spot for each subject - Lord of the Rings, Battletech/Mechwarrior, Warhammer 40k, Doctor Who, Battletech, Star Wars.

In each blog, from time to time, I post stuff about scenery and map making. I then find myself linking to that blog's post from all the other blogs, to show the scenery being used by the different games.

So now I'm simplifying. Rather than randomly inserting scenery design into different blogs, I now have a blog that is purely about the scenery!

So that's what this blog is for - it's all about making scenery, buying scenery, painting scenery, etc, regardless of any specific miniatures game.