Sunday, July 31, 2016

3D Plaster Hex Terrain for Hex Maps

I've started making, printing and matte laminating, textured hex maps based on the Battletech board game hex maps. I'm doing them at 2" from flat side to flat side, so that even large / wide models can fit between two hills. Any smaller, and some wide figures won't fit because their arms stick out too far and a 1 hex gap between hills is unuseable. But with 2", I can have 1" gaps between two hills, and all my figures still fit!

The maps and hexes should work with almost any minis, so fantasy, sci fi, doctor who, or whatever. Should be good!

I'm doing the map sheets in colour printed laminated paper, instead of flocking and painting. This means that the 3D hex blocks are not specific to a particular type of terrain. Instead, I can print out any type of terrain, and sit the image on top of the blocks. So I only need one set of blocks, and then sitting the image on top of them gives me snow, grass, desert, rock, or whatever!

At the moment I only have a few blocks. I'm making 3-hex triangles, 1x2 hex lines, and 1x1 hex blocks. Once I've got enough of them, I should be able to recreate any of the Battletech Map Sheets in this scale in 3D, and I find the map sheets to be interesting and varied enough to play battles with almost any minis game.

So here's a bunch of pics!

plaster 3-hex triangles, on a drying rack. I got a bunch of racks as part of a flower drying kit, and use them to dry out plaster models.

printed map, then slowly make plaster hexes to construct the hills. Only a few hexes made so far.

wide figure fit in the gaps between hills!

The three 1x1 hexes were too small - I measured it wrong! But it gives the idea of how you can just stack them on top of each other to create levels.

printed, laminated paper surface, sits on top to create terrain!

Doctor Who!

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